The greener good Consulting


lunch and learn

Available for businesses and corporate groups of all sizes as an opportunity to introduce easy and fun sustainable swaps in a brief and casual setting

Lunch and Learn includes:
- Four Pillars of Change
- Easy Sustainable Swaps
- Low Waste Checklist
- The Power of One
- Sustainable Cheat Sheet provided

Handmade Zero Waste Starter Kits available for purchase


Available in the home, school or office as a means of inspiring long-term sustainable changes to incorporate into your busy life

Workshops include:
- Lunch and Learn Key Topics
- Personalized Visual Presentation for your Group
- Sustainable Cheat Sheet provided

‘Design Your Own’ Handmade Zero Waste Starter Kit available at additional cost




Available in the home, school or office to evaluate key areas for change, guidance for implementation and follow-up to ensure long-term success.

Consultations include:
- Home, School, or Office Walk-Through
- Personal Waste Audit
- Provide customized suggestions to fit your space
- Establishing/Working with your “Green Team” to continue promoting sustainable lifestyle, organize events, etc