About us

KRISTEN mandala & Ani wells

Ani Wells (right) is a sustainable fashion expert, specializing in denim and production. With a post-grad in fashion management, Ani's eyes were opened to the environmental harms of the fast fashion industry and wanted to use her passion of fashion as a means of creating meaningful change. This led her to create the company Simply Suzette, a platform for fashion and denim lovers to shop guilt-free by promoting ‘Diligent Denim’, a means of evaluating companies based on their ethical and environmental production practices to ensure customers support companies that align with their values. Simply Suzette utilizes all denim scraps through the Blue Jeans Go Green program and exclusively uses eco-friendly packaging made from 100% post-consumer waste. After meeting through mutual friends, Ani and Kristen decided to collaborate their efforts by creating The Greener Good Consulting; bringing together Kristen’s passion for an environmentally conscious lifestyle and Ani’s experience in ethical and sustainable fashion into engaging workshops for offices and schools throughout Toronto.

Kristen Mandala (left) has been a passionate environmentalist and community organizer for over a decade, studying International Development in university, and continuing on to work with non-profit organizations in Central and South America, where she witnessed first-hand the affect the climate crisis was having on developing communities. Upon returning to Toronto, she struggled to find an effective way to engage with her peers regarding the climate crisis without making them feel judged or overwhelmed; this led to her creating The Greener Good in the fall of 2018. The platform was created as a means of communicating with those new to or interested in the sustainability movement who have otherwise felt alienated by more extreme “all or nothing” climate crisis messaging. What initially began with a simple Instagram account, grew to produce a free e-book ‘ECO MADE EASY’ and after meeting Ani Wells, has now expanded into The Greener Good Consulting; a Toronto-based company working with individuals in the home, school or office by giving them the tools to become more environmentally-conscious through events and workshops.

Those who have the privilege to know, have the duty to act
— Albert Enstein